Last year while strolling through the Portland airport a familiar face got my eye. It was an old friend of mine from thirty years ago, I hadn’t seen Randy since the late eighties. We both thought we looked pretty good for couple of guys in our late 50’s. Yeah, our hair was gray, and we were both a little thicker. But we eased back into our conversations of what we had been up to all those years. We laughed about all the fun time we shared together back in our 20s. He was headed back to Spokane and me to California. We both agreed to try to meet up if I got back to Spokane in the summer. A quick handshake and a hug and we both went our separate ways. A moment in time opened up and it closed just as quickly. I never made made back to Spokane.

It came in a text message from another old friend that Randy had died following a surgery. A smile and a beer in his hand is how I’ll always remember him. Bye, old friend.