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Portland continues to be one of the top choices in the United States where Americans want to live. For those who have lived here for a couple of decades or more, we may continue shaking our heads in disbelief at the rising prices of property. Even then, we are still more affordable than either Seattle or San Francisco. Neighborhoods in both NE and SE Portland remain in short supply while their demand continually grows.

With the increasing prices of Greater Portland area real estate, comes the exodus of young families and recent retirees. People are spreading further out, in search of affordability and space. Even then, you may need to shell out half a million dollars for a teardown. That's what lot values around here are these days!


Let me show you how selling your house by auction may be a more profitable alternative for you.


In Oregon, property sold at auction must go through a licensed real estate broker. I am one of the few people in the state of Oregon who is both a licensed broker and an experienced, trained auctioneer. I have and continue to work with some of the largest real estate companies doing business in the Pacific Northwest. I also conduct trustee auctions in Washington, Oregon and California selling millions of dollars of real estate every month.

Real estate sale by auction is one of the fastest and most effective ways for property to change hands. Whether it's an acreage, a condo or a house, a commercial property or an empty lot; each can benefit from the advantage of sale by auction.

Selling at auction allows you to set a specific date by when you want your property sold and closed. You alone, are the one in control of the terms of the sale. Plus, only pre-qualified bidders can participate in the auction; so there is no question about financing. You also have the choice to sell the property at no-reserve, which means it sells to the highest bidder; or you can set a starting bid that is the minimum price you are willing to accept.

If you're curious to be more in the know about real estate sale by auction, drop me a line!

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A custom-built arts and crafts garage with its beautiful, herringbone brick-laid courtyard adds to the curb appeal and further increases the value of this NE Portland property.

One of the Portland neighborhoods that has seen a significant increase in real estate prices is the NE district. Especially in the popular Alberta Arts District, which has experienced one of the most dramatic rises of the region in recent years. It seems there are for-sale and sold signs on half the lawns in NE Portland! Another thing I love about Portland is the traditional craftsmanship that can be seen throughout town.


Another listing that popped up in the neighborhood recently is on the market for nearly $2million. The house sits on a gorgeous corner lot with expansive manicured gardens. It comes with a 2-car garage and 4 fireplaces!


As real estate supply becomes more scarce and demand goes up, prices are sky-rocketing. People then find themselves spreading further out or living in smaller spaces. Would you rather have a lengthy, daily commute to and from the suburbs or would you rather minimize and simplify to continue enjoying your metropolitan lifestyle in the city?


Have you seen all the new construction around town lately? Everywhere you look, there's a house coming down or a building going up. Portland currently ranks fifth in the country for the number of construction cranes erected.


Some sights and sounds that I came across on a moody day in Central Oregon...


What a $1,000,000 will buy you in North East Portland.


This home recently sold for $240,000, likely a tear down to be replaced by a huge box with windows.


Wide open spaces of Central Oregon, if you see a Windmill most likely there was a home located on the site at one time.


Working in the yard for the upcoming spring planting.


Forgotten barn in Central Oregon. One of my early black and white photos.