A Hometown Visit

Last week was busy full of travel for me.

It started with an overnight trip to my hometown of Spokane, Washington with my daughter, Jo. We went up to attend to my aunt's memorial and got to say hi to a couple of old friends along the way. The trip from Portland to Spokane takes about six hours. When we crossed into the state of Washington, we decided to take the back roads to enjoy the scenery of eastern Washington; which in my daughter's view, was... Bo-ring! At least I can take a decent selfie. We took a detour to stop at Palouse Falls - lots of water this year.

I enjoyed the company. It was nice to be able just to have some one-on-one time with my favorite daughter. Okay, she's my only daughter. But still... We ate junk food, went for ice cream, and had a great big greasy Denny's breakfast.

It was a fun couple days of travel, connecting with with my relatives, and enjoying the beauty of the state of Washington.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.