She was a beaut. But then, they all were.

I'm talking about the beautifully-restored, very rare Hudson Terraplane. It was only produced for a few years between 1932 and 1938. I like oddball cars and this one fits the bill with its sharp, uniquely-designed grille.

I saw her at the Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance held on the grounds of the historic Pacific University here in Portland. It was the latest in local car events that I have been making a point to attend this summer. Last weekend were the Vintage Car Races at PIR, where my friend's rare VW Bug sportscar won the race in its class. It showed up again this weekend where it won again best in its class at Forest Grove too. A winning car all-around!

Having lived here in Portland for 25 years, this was only my first time at the Concours at Forest Grove. This year's show boasted a display of over 300 cars; with everything from turn of the century vehicles to competition cars, classic and muscle cars, sports cars, limited production cars, custom one-offs; and even motorcycles. It was great to speak with the owners of the many gorgeous vehicles and to reconnect with many of my old car friends in the business. Even if you do plan to travel all the way to Pebble Beach next month, you should definitely mark your calendars to attend next year's Forest Grove. I'm sure glad I did. It's an easy and worthwhile trip.