Can You Believe?

It's two months till the end of another school year and only eight months till Christmas! I cannot believe how quickly the time is moving this year. Can you?

I wasn't quite ready to plan for next year, until a few of my eager-beaver clients asked to book me as their auctioneer again for next March. So now I've got two weekends of the first quarter of my 2017 daytimer already filled. March is the earliest that I have ever had a client request a booking into the following year. Al likens it to booking your favorite, annual vacation rental. You've had such a fabulous time; that no sooner you are packed up and out the door, you are ready to commit to coming back to another wonderful weekend at the cabin.

So if your fundraising group is going ahead with your scheduled event next year, you might want to pen in a date with your chosen venue and preferred auctioneer.

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