The Line Starts Here

A few Friday nights ago was the opening night of The One Motorcycle Show here in Portland. This was the fourth time that I had attended the show and this year's was, by far, the biggest and busiest.

Some of the best bike-builders in the country came from near and far to have their bikes on display. All-told there were over seventy-five motorcycles in the show. Every one of them, a customized work of art. Each one, a unique sculpture on two wheels.

As I mentioned, I decided to attend on the opening night; thinking that the majority of the crowd would show up for the big Saturday night party. Boy was I in for a surprise. It ended up taking an hour to get inside. Though we literally inched our way to the front door, everyone in line was extremely polite and patient. There were people from all over the USA and even Canada, plus one guy who came all the way from South Africa. While we were all waiting together, we talked about the bikes we owned and the ones that we might like to buy in the future. It was a great night that started early in the line-up all the way through till the end of the show.

I'm already excited about next year's and would highly recommend it!