Dad's Day

How was your Dad's Day?

For the first time in a very long time, I didn't have to cook or clean or cater to the kids. Jo and Al made me breakfast. We had my favorite, huckleberry pancakes. They ran the day's errands while I watered the garden. When Spence woke up, we went on a bike ride down to my coffee shop, Extracto and popped in for a pastry at Ville Velo Bakeshop. I had my usual, while my son had an iced latte. We arrived home a few minutes after the girls, then I opened my pile of presents - a new hot air popcorn maker, my favorite chocolate bars, some new artwork by Jo. The kids made a batch of fresh popcorn right away. Hot air popcorn tastes so much better than microwave. We'll never go back.

We decided to go on a big family bike ride across town, ending up at Tonalli's for double scoops all around. An ice cream lunch is the best way to end a bit of afternoon exercise!

Homemade quarter pound burgers on the grill turned out great. Fried onions and portobello mushrooms, cheddar and bacon toppings. Iceberg lettuce wedge topped with ranch dressing with a side of cucumber salad seasoned with rice vinegar. We were all so full, we ended up skipping dessert.

I had a really great Father's Day. I hope you and your family did too!