Estate sales

How would you like someone, anyone to take off your hands, a dearly departed family member's house filled to the rafters with stuff? In return, you've saved a ton of time and still end up with money in the bank.

A real estate auctioneer can do that for you.

Instead of you and your siblings having to coordinate a time to meet, in order to sort through an entire household of remnants from the past and take carloads of used clothing to goodwill. Then empty, clean, stage and list that old house in wait of the right buyer to make an offer acceptable to you. Why not hand that task over to a licensed broker slash auctioneer to liquidate your shared family home and its entire contents? Even that old car that hasn't been started for years, collecting dust in the garage, can be taken care of in one fell swoop.

I happen to be one of a very few professionally-trained auctioneers in Portland, who is also a licensed real estate broker in the state of Oregon. If an estate sale auction peaks your interest or sounds like it might work well for you and your family, ask away. I will try to answer any questions you might have or be able to point you in the right direction.