End of Summer

Did it feel like the summer just blew by? It did to me! I spent Labor day weekend at the Portland Grand Prix. The Indycars returned back to Portland after their last race here in 2007.

  It was estimated that 40,000 race fans showed up Sunday afternoon for the big race. Having always been a Indycar fan, I opted for spending a little more money and got the pit pass too. I think being in the pits is almost more interesting than the race. You get a chance to watch mechcanics put their final touches on the car before the start of the race. The best part is hearing the cars being warmed up, and they sound awesome too.

My first trip to the race was in 1984, and in those days its was three-day-party! We would ride our motorcycles down from Spokane, and meet up with my friends parents who would drive their motorhome down from eastern Washington. Fun times. Looking forward to next years race.

The good looking guy in the black hat is me! 1984

The good looking guy in the black hat is me! 1984