A weekend off

What did you do this Memorial Day weekend?

It is rare for me to have a day-off. A day-off without auctions, fundraisers, kids. But I found myself in that exact position this past Memorial Day weekend. So what does a free weekend in the life of an auctioneer look like?

Oregon wine. Pinot noirs and roses especially. The local coffeehouse and bakery. I specifically favor the Mexican pour-over at Extracto Coffee here in NE PDX. Then conveniently next door is the berry scone that Jeffrey at Ville Velo Bake Shop bakes fresh and sells out daily. We picked up a loaf of brioche bread this week too. That'll be tomorrow's Memorial Day French toast brunch.

I like to cook. Huckleberry pancakes and crisp smokey bacon was this morn's breakfast. Yesterday were bacon egg bagel breakfast sandwiches. ABC Seafood Market in SE Portland fed us dinner the past two nights. Fresh in-season spot prawns in garlic butter starters both times. I've never seen prawns quite like it. 6 inches long and 1 inch around in diameter. Steamed Manila clams in a rose wine broth last night. Fresh whole Dungeness crab the night before. 3 entire pounds worth.

I love to walk. I do once or twice every day that I can. Had a chance to get on my Schwinn bicycle yesterday too. Strolling or biking my neighborhood is one of my favorite past-times. I never tire of it. It's a great little neighborhood that's growing fast and furiously. New houses, new families. It reminds me of where I was at a decade ago.

My son Spencer graduates next month. He's secured a summer job and starting college in the fall. We're looking at getting him his first car. It's pretty incredible how quickly the time has passed. It's not looking to slow down anytime soon. Enjoy those diapers and report cards, scraped knees and family vacations. Pretty soon you'll be looking on from a distance, at other people's young little families, maybe even as a grandparent!