I just saved myself $150,000 this weekend. That was the cost of the damage I racked up on the 2015 BMW M4 DTM race car that I crashed into a wall, once or twice.

Well, I wasn't actually driving the real thing; but it sure felt like it. I did get the chance to drive that exact BMW model on the famed Watkins Glen road course. It was the most advanced racing simulator I've ever had the chance to try out to-date. The simulator was set up at the grand opening of the new service center at the BMW Store in Vancouver, Canada. Racing simulators have come a long way in design and development. They can really  give you the feel of the road with very realistic feedback of what it actually feels like to drive a car to its limits. The simulator I got to drive costs $60,000 and is quite popular. While that may seem like a lot for an over-the-top video game, it is invaluable for a driver who is trying to learn a new track or one who wants to freshen up his skills before the race season begins.

Facts and figures aside, it was an absolute blast to drive. What a great event to be invited to. BC beer and wine were poured; the new 7 Series was unveiled; and the latest BMW i8 was also on-hand.