Fundraising season is underway

The school auction season is officially underway starting in February and running through to May. Then it starts up again in the Fall after summer break. This year all indicators point to another fantastic year for supporting and giving to our local area schools. Successful fundraising auctions allow your kids' school to continue to hire those much-needed extra teachers, to replace tired, worn-out sports equipment, or to take that special field trip. Throw in a few instruments for the music department and some building supplies for a new playground; that there is where all of that hard-earned money from your fundraising efforts go. . Remember your support does really make a difference. Maybe you can't give financially, but volunteering the night of the auction or donating an item to be auctioned can be just as valuable to the school or organization, than your money. It's been my experience that the same group of loyal parents are always the ones who end up year after year at most, if not all, of the school auctions! So, promise your kids and yourself, to make a point of involving yourself in your local community by reaching out to the auction chair at your school. Then find out what you can do to help out this year!

My first fundraiser of the year is tomorrow night and I'm excited to get back into the swing of things. Hope to see you in the crowd with your bid car high in the air!